Sunny Wolf Charter School is a public school located in the rural town of Wolf Creek, Oregon.



SWCS believes it takes the involvement of parents, teachers and community in a working relationship in order to reach a high level of student learning and achievement.


The mission of Sunny Wolf Charter School is to spark in every child the desire to learn by providing a safe, nurturing learning environment.

                A Parent comment

                A Parent comment

"This school is absolutely amazing. It is hands down the best school our daughter has ever gone to... It is leaps and bounds better than any of the surrounding elementary schools could even hope to be. They have done an amazing job with our daughter and we are thrilled watching the amazing progress she has made. We love all of you that work here and put everything into your job... She has struggled so much at other schools and everything the staff here has done has finally made her love school. You just cant get that at every school... This school has made my child excited to get up and go to school every day! "

The Sunny Wolf Difference

  • SWCS average class size is 20 students
  • Each classroom has a licensed teacher and an educational assistant
  • SWCS has a 6:1, student to educator ratio
  • Hands-on, project-based, and community learning
  • Field trips and outdoor education
  • Weekly visits to the public library
  • Hot school meals are prepared onsite at no charge
  • SWCS was named a model school by the State of Oregon