Sara Gray

Office Manager

Sara is a lifelong resident of Southern Oregon and has educated her children in Wolf Creek Elementary and the Three Rivers School District. She has been active in supporting the local community and is engaged in the daily workings of SWCS. She manages the office and administration of all students, teachers and board members. "I enjoy the challenge of this new school and the direction and accomplishments that have already made an impact in our small community".


Diane Carlton

Educational Assistant K-1

Diane has been teaching at Wolf Creek public school for 16 years. She not only has raised all four of her boys through the Wolf Creek School system, her husband also attended the school as a young boy as well. He now works in the local timber industry. After busing the local children to area schools after the closure of the Wolf Creek Elementary School in 2008, Diane is happy that the children are finally "back where they belong" in our own local Sunny Wolf Charter School.



Marisa Boucher

Educational Assistant k-1

Christina Linnel

Educational Assistant 2nd

Dianne Herndon

Educational Assistant 3rd Grade

Melissa Decker

Educational Assistant 4th-5th Grade and Family Advocate

Daniele Mock

Title 1 Assistant

Pam Halverson

Special Education Assistant -  kindergarten through 5th grade                

Melissa LaCoe

Kitchen Manager

Melissa is the head cook here at Sunny Wolf Charter School. She enjoys serving our students fresh cooked breakfast and lunch everyday!

Amy Briggs


Vallie Gatlin

Kitchen Assistant and Fresh Fruits and Vegtables

Vallie is semi retired. She enjoys working with the kids at lunch and enjoys the school community.

Kirk Klum