Penelope DiGennaro

School Director



Penelope has 20 years of teaching experience, including 12 years at a charter school in Sonoma, California. At the Sonoma Charter School, she worked as both a Head Teacher with K-2 students, and as the Assistant Director of the school. Ms. DiGennaro is a trained Montessori teacher as well, and holds degrees in both Fine Arts and Education. She is from New York and was educated on the East Coast. She began at Sunny Wolf Charter School in July 2010 to set up the school, including selecting books and materials, and developing curriculum. In addition to the academic program at Sunny Wolf Charter School, the students enjoy music and art classes.

As of the 2014-2015, Ms. DiGennaro has accepted the position as School Director for Sunny Wolf Charter School. Ms. DiGennaro looks forward to expanding her role in SWCS. She will be working with teachers, staff, and parents to continue the mission and philosophy of Sunny Wolf Charter School.