Help SWCS get $120k




This extra money could be used for the following things:

·         Purchasing Materials and Books

·         Paying for Technology

·         Paying for Special Events/Trips

·         Paying for School Building Upgrades

·         Paying Teachers

·         Paying Assistants

Legislation is pending that will provide full funding for Charter Schools without increasing the current state education budget.  These bills are HB2771 & HB2772. Currently SWCS does not receive the full 100% of funds for each child. These bills will make it so.

Please help support our charter school by writing an email supporting HB 2271 & 2272 to the House Education Committee member or members listed below:  (Chair)     (Vice-Chair)


Imagine the possibilities and opportunities for our school and the students with the passage of these bills.

Thank you for getting involved in this important issue for our future.

Penelope DiGennaro, Director

Sunny Wolf Charter School

Please see sample letter below:


Dear Representative ______________,

Please support HB 2771 and HB 2772 which will provide equitable funding and access to public charter schools in Oregon without increasing the current State Education Budget.

The role of the State School Funding Formula is to ensure equitable funding for all public school children, though past legislation has undermined the purpose of the formula by creating inequitable support to public charter schools.

It is unjust that public dollars dedicated for funding public education and purposely balanced by the State School Funding Formula are then redistributed by ORS leaving some public school students with only 80% funding. Districts sponsoring charters retain 20% of their charter school funds to redistribute among their non-charter school students, raising their percentage over 100%.

Please remember, charter schools were created by the State of Oregon to provide alternatives and choices in meeting the needs of ALL children in Oregon. The purpose was never to overly compensate sponsoring school districts and their students while reducing services to charter school students.

Please schedule a hearing and work session for both HB 2771 and HB 2772.



(Your Name)