Sunny Wolf Charter School is a Free K-5 public school.

Any elementary aged child may attend Sunny Wolf Charter School,

at no cost.


Open Enrollment:

Sunny Wolf Charter School is open to enrollment for all children that can make it to school. We currently have busing in Sunny Valley, Wolf Creek, and Glendale. Currently there is no busing for Merlin or Grants Pass but could be a posibility with enough interested parties.

To Enroll Your Student:

  • Visit Sunny Wolf Charter School and fill out paper work to enroll your child.
  • No test is required for your child to enroll in SWCS.
  • It is as easy as that

Why enroll your child at Sunny Wolf Charter School?

The Curriculum:

·    School curriculum is aligned with Oregon and Common Core State Standards

·    Math, reading, writing, science, art, social studies, PE, music, gardening, and respect are taught

·    Much of the learning happens in small groups

·    Hands-on, project-based, and community learning

·    Field trips and outdoor education

·    Weekly visits to the public library

·    In the 2012-2013 school year state test scores at SWCS were higher than the state average


Field Trip to Mcgregor Park

Field Trip to Mcgregor Park

  • School supplies are provided by the school

The Class Size:

Average statewide class size 25-30 students

·    SWCS average class size is 20 students

·    SWCS has a 6:1, student to educator ratio

·    Each classroom has a licensed teacher and an educational assistant

·    More individualized attention is given to each child, due to the small class size


The Staff:

·    All teachers and assistants are highly qualified

·    Title 1 teachers provide additional small group and one-on-one instruction for struggling learners

·    School meals are prepared onsite

·    Students have more contact time with teachers and other educational staff

·    Special Education services provided