Sunny Wolf Charter School (SWCS) is in it's sixth year. Thanks to dedicated Wolf Creek Elementary parents, former teachers, and administrators, with local support, school is remains "in session" once again in our community.


In 1890's, Wolf Creek Public School was opened and continued to educated the children of Wolf Creek, Sunny Valley, and the surrounding area for the next 118 years.  Due to funding issues, the school, that successfully raised and educated thousands of local children, was closed in 2008.

Realizing that the option of sending children on buses for hours a day to distant schools over two mountain ranges was unacceptable, committed parents and locals residents rallied together to create a plan to open a school in Wolf Creek once again. This time as a charter school.


Wolf Creek, Sunny Valley, and the surrounding area is thankful those individuals, whose involvement and tremendous efforts on behalf of the community, made our Charter School a reality. We are so thankful to have the children close to home once again,


From the very first day Sunny Wolf Charter School opened, dreams have come true as the students continue to learn, discover, and enjoy the local historic icon which is now Sunny Wolf Charter School.