Tim O'Brien

My name is Tim O'Brien. This is my 27th year of teaching. I have taught 6 years at the college level, 20 years at the high school level and 1 year at elementary level.

I have a Masters of Science in Mathematics from Chicago State University and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics Mathematics from the University of Illinois.

I am married to Kari O'Brien. We have two daughters Karyn and Jolene and 9 grand kids. Kari and I are both teachers. Kari teaches 3rd grade at Fort Vannoy Elementary School. We owned O'Brien's Rogue River Rafting company which we started in 2004 until we retired in 2012.

My interests are: Web Design, Computers, Wrestling, Reading, Outdoors, Camping, Hiking, Rafting and Farming. 

To contact Mr. O'Brien: tim.obrien@sunnywolfcharterschool.com